Signature Home

When it comes to home decor and interiors, Barry's name stands out from the rest of the crowd. As the industry leaders in Pakistan the Barry's have taken their family business to the next level, in fact they lead the pack.

Building and maintaining such repute demands a lot of hard work and brilliance not only to be a success, but also to stay at the top when the world has shrunk to a mere "www" in your hands.

Reputations like that are not built overnight and all successful undertakings have a similar story to tell, so do the Barry's. It took us years of dedicated, teamed, and un-deterred collective family effort to harness experience, brilliance and innovation to set a path straight to a destiny called success.

The good business grooming still runs in the next generation "Signature Homes" the latest jewel in the crown of Barry Industries is the brain child of the youngest in the family "Aftab Barry". Blending years of experience and tradition with the most modern and trendy furnishing concepts, Aftab Barry has been able to successfully create a balanced fusion of all the ingredients that takes a home to be called "sweet".